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We are a company that, since 2013, gets involved with ambition, responsibility and great passion, to offer customers the best solutions, according to their specific needs. 

We are involved in the research, development, application and sale of chemicals for tanneries and screen printing, but we do much more than that: we want to create trust, growing with you to make a difference in the market. Our Company

Research and Development

Research and development are the heart of our business and allow us to constantly innovate, stand out and help you stand out. Within the company we have several laboratories:

  • Wet Laboratory, where we perform tests on leathers during washing and processing.
  • Finishing Laboratory, where we carry out the tests related to finishing. 
  • Analysis Laboratory, to test the leathers in their final form.

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As a result of our research, the recipes are created ad hoc and contain all the operational steps  and products necessary to achieve the desired final result.


From oils to lacquers, we have numerous products that allow you to complete the leather finishing phase and achieve the desired effect.


Fatliquors, tannins, retanning agents, auxiliaries: we can offer you all the most suitable and highly selected products for the wet phase, according to your needs.


We live up to our responsibility towards the environment concretely. 

We are always looking for sustainable solutions: this is why the recipes and products we offer are designed to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. Our Commitment



SN Italia’s professionalism is certified. Our Certifications

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